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Practice & Experience

Since 2005, Linneman Financial has been providing trusted certified accounting services that meet a wide range of corporate and personal needs to our clients in the Anchorage area. We are here to handle all of your financial management demands so you can focus on your core priorities — in business and life.

Experienced Advisors

Linneman Financial has used its accounting know-how to advise individuals and companies, both large and small. Every year, we welcome a handful of new clients into our office, who often join after learning about our impeccable reputation. See what we’ve done for some of our satisfied clients.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Linneman Financial makes it a point to keep abreast of relevant industry news, trends and changes. That’s how we stay ahead of the game in what we do. In our News Center, our team shares all of this with you. Check out some of the latest industry news as well as our helpful accounting hints and other financial management articles. We dedicate our work to making sure our clients achieve their goals. Discover all the latest developments of our growing business.

Professional Advice You Can Depend On

We know how time consuming accounting concerns can be, and they all require personalized and detail-oriented attention. Why worry about that when you have us to take that burden off your shoulders? We specialize in a wide range of tax preparation and accounting areas and can handle financial issues quickly and efficiently. Call us and start benefiting from our accounting expertise today.


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